Legacy and Nepal Telecom

Legacy has been the furniture partner for Nepal Telecom (Branches: Babarmahal, Chhauni, Sundhara) for the last decade with the mutual understanding of both parties. In the last few years, Legacy has provided the organization with Nepal made German quality modular office setups and many more.

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited, widely known as Nepal Telecom, is a state-owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal that has been providing its services for almost two decades.

With great service, NTC aims to create a productive environment for its employees. With this in mind, they chose Legacy for our Nepal made German-quality modular furniture. As we provide wide range of efficient, modern and cost effective furniture with accordance to their needs and requirements.

Modular furniture is known for its flexibility, efficiency, budget-friendliness, and customization options worldwide. Millions of workplaces worldwide are opting towards this multifunctional furniture. Similarly, Nepal telecom has been opting for the same. Modular furniture offers privacy at its best in case of offices as well as give the employees their own space without the need of getting permanent walls constructed. This not only saves construction time, money, and hazards but also creates an environment full of productivity.

Modular furnishing not only enhances an office’s productivity but also allows you to utilize your space to the best of its capabilities.

Nepal Telecom has adapted to modular furnishing for better workplace efficiency and is one of the very few who know how efficient modular offices can be.

Legacy is proud to be the furniture partner for Nepal Telecom (Babarmahal, Chhauni, Sundhara).

Words from Nepal Telecom:

“When it comes to furniture, the ability to understand the client’s perception and the enthusiasm to create it satisfactorily is an art that encompasses patience, respect to the needs of the others and the zeal to deliver, Legacy Furniture PVT. Ltd. rendered their services in such exceptional manner with quality products, a decent workforce and timely services that I was pleased to see my requirements come alive exactly as I has imagined and planned. Hats off to their professional capabilities and dedication. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for any kind furniture works.”

Sushmita Sharma (Sr. Architect, Nepal Telecom Ltd.)

We are grateful for the opportunity we received to serve and modularize Nepal Telecom. We hope this connection stays strong as the years go by.

Thank you Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited for trusting Legacy Furniture.

Feng shui - modular furniture

Feng shui and good fortune for your family

Feng shui is derived from the Chinese term meaning “feng” as in wind and “shui” as in water. The concept actually comes from the tale of human life and its connection to the elements surrounding it in the environment they live in. In terms of Asian culture, it connects with “tao” (way of living) while following the conducts of Taoism (following the principles that directly shows a reflection on nature).
Having a perfect balance and the flow of energy to make an optimum living space is something we all go for. Attaining harmony, prosperity, health, and wealth from our environment is what feng shui is all about.

Among the principles followed by feng shui, the ones that are very important are: the commanding position, the five elements, and the ‘bagua’ map.

The commanding position

Talks about feng shui can never end without mentioning the command position. Placing the essential furniture according to the right command position is the best way of maintaining good feng shui at home. The bed, desk, and stove each is affiliated with the individual, career, and wealth respectively. Making sure that one can see the door while near any of this furniture means you have avoided blocking the good feng shui at home.

commanding position - feng shui

The five elements

Comprised of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, these five elements balance out the ambiance in the room. Each of these elements has been connected to a different aspect of life.
The fire element brings recognition, the earth brings romance, metal brings being artful, traveling luck, and water brings fortune for a career while wood beings well-being and success financially.
For these elements to bring in their corresponding luck, having at least one of these items be it fire or electronics, earthen pot ware, shiny and accents of metal, crystal, and water-centric arts or indoor plants or flowers is recommended. These key items can easily help keep in check the feng shui.
Depending upon the elemental effect you require, you can add more of that color in your space. The color associations with the elements are:
Earth – Yellow, orange, and brown (tones)
Metal – White, gray, shades of white and metallic color
Water – Black or darker shade of blue
Wood – Teal
Fire – Red

natural elements

The bagua map

The energy map for feng shui that blends in with your floor plans is the bagua map. The term “bagua” refers to eight in Chinese terminology that represents the eight aspects of life. Each aspect ranges from family, children, health, career, wealth, supportive people, fame, knowledge, and partnership. Among the eight principles, tips that bring in wealth, prosperity, and harmony in the family are:

bagua map - feng shui

1. The feng shui trinity

Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, these three spaces need to be looked after because the feng shui trinities are closely related to the well- being of the owner. For balanced internal energy flow, managing these spaces is very crucial.

commanding position feng shui


2. Keep your entry passage open

Placing a lot of things right behind your front door can block the proper flow of air in the home. Keeping your coats and shoe racks away from the front door can help you clear out the energy that gets blocked out. It is best to choose the decluttering trick to ensure a spacious and perfect living space. Using red paint at your door drives in good energy and opportunity at your home.

front door

3. Bring in an aquarium at your home

Consider the best décor as well as money-attracting item, an aquarium placed at either the north or southeast side of the room can get your house away from financial burden. Placing eight red fishes and one blackfish in your aquarium draws positive energy from the surroundings aiding to give your home good luck.

feng shui- aquariam

4. Proper ventilation and lighting

No matter the space, having proper ventilation and lighting is a must. Ventilation solves all matters related to airflow while the lighting further supports attracting good feng shui. Mirror placement in a way that it reflects the light further or focuses on an artistic piece of work and a good corner of the room can also make proper lighting more attainable.

acrylic kitchen

5. Decorate your room with plants

Plants are best known to aid in good airflow and purifying the air around. Placing plants for decorative purposes can serve as both a beauty enhancer as well as a positive energy supplier at home. English ivy, money tree, jade plants, peace lily, snake plant, spiral plants are some plant species that can purify the air and bring in prosperity at home.

plants - feng shui

6. Dinning setup

Dinning space not only requires decluttering but also keeping things that have a relevant symbol to attract good health and prosperity. The placement of the dining table shouldn’t be right in front of the door. The best way to bring in wealth in the house is to place a mirror in your dining space while avoiding placing it in your bedroom. Also, rather than an empty dining table, placing fruits shows a sign of goodwill. In the case of fruits, oranges are considered the source of good luck and uplift the positive vibes in your home.

dining setup

7. Décor your space

As crystals belong to the category of water element in terms of feng shui, decorating your home space or placing decorative items inlaid with citrine crystal can promote good feng shui at home. It also neutralizes the energies from the electrical devices which is the main reason for placing crystal decoration at home is its effect of creating a calmness around the room. Also, diagonally placing a three-legged golden frog or an elephant carrying money also helps attract money and good luck at home. Other décor items that serve the same purpose are Three golden owls, horses with coins, evil eye trees, and so on.

decor - feng shui

8. Keep it clean

One of the easiest tricks of having good feng shui at home is making sure all your spaces are clean. A messy place often affects the working efficiency causing further stress in the compact schedule of people. Keeping it clean not only organizes your space but also helps in making the place look brighter.Sofa

A touch of elegance mixed with a balance of prosperity with simple actions, you can easily enhance wealth, prosperity and harmony in the lives of you and your family. At a glance the word might give a sense of vagueness but in reality, maintaining good feng shui that brings in wealth and harmony at home is an easy job if you stick to a few details.

kitchen design ideas

13 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Kitchen

Ever looked at your kitchen and felt that you could have done a lot of things differently. Designing kitchen space doesn’t just make people consider their budget for planning but it also takes a lot of consideration for the layout and placement of everything in the space. Here’s 13 mistakes to avoid while designing your kitchen:

1. Aligning too much with trends

Trends are often chosen over other plans during décor. Though trends are aesthetic but a kitchen doesn’t just require an aesthetic outlook, it is said to be best to be more considerate with your design.

2. The Vastu based kitchen setting

Keeping the five elements of nature in proper position for well managed home, especially south-east and in case of needing to make the direction a different space north-east corner is said to be ideal direction for making the kitchen. Making sure you get the Vastu based kitchen setting right, helps the kitchen have a good airflow and keeps the ambience right.

3. Choosing right colors for space:

Avoid using dark colors for small spaces.Rather going with light and bright colors goes well with kitchen designs. Prints and other are not timeless, it’s better to expand your color choices when it comes to bigger kitchen.Install a large table in a big kitchen, or the room will feel too empty!Avoid choosing Gwady colors: that will displease eyes over the time.

4. Overlooking the work triangle

A triangle with the periphery being refrigerator, sink and stove. To make sure that the functionality of these don’t clash and avoid them from being an obstacle for each other, the work triangle for the kitchen should never be overlooked.

5. Misjudging the practical locations for layout

There are often times when trying to put all our design ideas out in the open, we tend to overdo things.Also, making sure the kitchen island has the right placement after measurement is a must. Misjudging the practical locations while making a layout of your choice brings in a disordered kitchen outlook as an end result.

6. Lack of proper lighting

The purpose of lighting isn’t just for décor purpose. Kitchen can often feel as an oversaturated place lacking ambience if the lighting isn’t planned well. Too bright and too dim light patterns often make the kitchen look dull and overlooked place. The sufficient lights for kitchen can be placed as one in the picture below:

7. Poor ventilation

Not just dust but the grease and oil in the kitchen leaves a lot of its traces. Smells that stay in the kitchen which isn’t pleasing even if the dish was a pleasing one. The step that should never be missed while you are designing your kitchen is investing in a good ventilation. A properly ventilated kitchen is one that is designed like one in the picture below:

8. Limiting your space

A space where you are supposed to be spending most of your time ending up being a cluttered space isn’t the right path to take. We often tend to mistaken kitchen space as a storing space which makes the place lack room for breathing. Kitchen often requires more than one person to prepare the meals, so limiting your space is a big ‘no’.

9. Not being practical with electrical outlets

Electrical outlets left in places close to other cabinet spaces or too near the spots for placement of other products can often show jumbled up wiring. Not being practical with electrical outlets doesn’t only create cramped spaces but also can invite hazards. For example, placing microwave oven in closed hanging unit is not good since microwave oven needs proper circulation and it’s difficult to put and take our food from microwave harder.

10. Going all neutral with colors

Trying to play safe with design ideas can often lead to unnecessary use of your budget. Going all out with colors as you want rather than going all neutral is a better idea for a perfect modern kitchen.

11. Working without guidance

We often lose track of things and ignore small details while creating a kitchen design ourself. To ensure the budgeting doesn’t exceed we often end up with making a short-term investment that lands an even greater expenditure list on us in the future. Consulting with an expert is a very crucial but crossed out idea from the to-do list of kitchen design.

12. Keeping too much on the later list

We often tend to keep things for later especially when it comes to appliances or even placement or keeping things out of the layout for later. Things kept for remodeling and for later often end up causes disorientation in the kitchen décor.

13. A washing machine in the kitchen is never a great plan!

Kitchen space being limited to kitchen related appliances is the right path to take. It’s best to try and have a separate laundry room, for hygienic purposes.

Therefore, there are often times when the smallest things we fail to consider or put off for later can create dullness in your décor. The kitchen space you often use might become a space you wish to avoid. So, the above mistakes can be avoided with just a little more attention from you.

Benefits of modular office furniture

Benefits Of Modular Office Furniture

Office Furniture is a very important part of a workplace. Nobody likes to work in a dull-looking space. What if your working space has a futuristic and clean vibe?

Modular furniture is now a trending topic on the market, you can’t escape from it. Lack of proper furniture may affect the work routine and culture in several ways. When employees are not comfortable, they tend to get frustrated and this can seriously affect our future goals too. Placing the right furniture in your workspace not only adds warmth but also gives your office, the required peace to work with.

Here are some perks of using Modular Furniture at office which is mentioned below:

Cost Saving

Modular furniture is recognized for flexibility, adaptivity, and long-lasting nature in workstations which means that businesses can save a large amount of cash on office design, whether we’re talking about executive chairs, reception furniture, or regular office desks. Modular furniture in your office adds up to cost-effectiveness. How? You don’t need to add new furniture sets, You already have them, simply move them around as your need. Be creative when you are organizing and setting up your office.

Saves Space

office furniture

Office grows with time, more staff and people add up, office spaces change, so modular furniture in your office gives you the flexibility to adjust the furniture which can create free space for your office. One of the advantages of modular office systems is they tend to have a smaller footprint than made-to-order or traditional furniture. It can be formed around existing floor space, moved aside easily when needed, and can be flexible to even the more compact work environment.

Versatility and flexibility

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pasha-chusovitin-9gby0AjdEIg-unsplash-1024x768.jpg

Modular furniture in office enables businesses to have significantly more flexibility and versatility. Because modular furniture is lightweight and easily disassembled/reassembled, it can be quickly rearranged and reconfigured for the different layouts and use cases. You can be more mobile, or accommodate more people in your conference room at a moment’s notice. Speed is a big factor when setting up spaces, and modular office furnishings minimize downtime.

Pleasing and attractive

modular furniture

Excellence pieces of modular furniture like reception furniture, or regular office desks with the latest furniture design have the ability to lend a superior look to any space. Modular Furniture can easily make a dull space look lively with its sharp and clean look. Our furniture options offer designer styling and superior quality, alongside the freedom and flexibility to create a unique office space to meet your needs and best serve your employees.

Wide Range Of Choices Available

modular office furniture

Modular furniture is available in a wide range of selections like Executive tables, center tables, and many more with various colors and design options for you to choose. Modular Furniture can be placed anywhere and everywhere to create a multi-purpose work environment. Legacy Furniture provides wide range of furniture, which adds up the beauty and enhance the decoration of the interiors as well.

Growth Within Your Company

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-kotliarskyi-QBpZGqEMsKg-unsplash-1024x683.jpg

Every company grows with time, using modular furniture is perfect. You won’t have to use mismatched furniture and you won’t have to buy all-new matching furniture according to other furniture when your company grows. Simply order more of what you already have. No stress! You can still keep a consistent look in the office because it’s so easy to add desks, walls, dividers, chairs, sofas, and shelves. Your company can expand original.

Staff Comfort Comes First

office furniture

Modular furniture in the office gives your employees a comfortable and attractive place to work. It plays a vital role that how staff who enjoys their surroundings, who is comfortable in where they work, will always reach their potential and do a better job than someone who doesn’t like the office, feels penned in, or isn’t comfortable at their desk or in their chair. Staffs who like to work quietly, those who like to be more collaborative and vocal, so you can create cubicles and booths for quiet areas and tasks, you can create collaborative areas with large desks and open spaces.


You might think that saving on office costs and space will always come at the expense of productivity, but a flexible office design with modular furniture can overcome this problem. Modern office designs are no longer using modular furniture simply as a convenience but as a standard for creating functional spaces.

Interior Kitchen Design

Hettich and Legacy furniture

Hettich can look back on a rewarding company history spreading over more than 125 years. It is characterized by outstanding engineering achievements and bold business enterprise – the heart of the German Hettich furniture industry. It is here that Legacy Classic Furniture produces German innovation for furniture and kitchen, also we energize people over the globe with innovation (Modular) furniture fittings. We are here to use all types of mechanism which are used in Hettich.

Legacy Classic Furniture is the first company of Nepal to collaborate with Hettich Furniture. Hettich Intelligent Kitchen now works in every kitchen! You will be able to fix it in a modular way. It is unique in structure, we can configure and built intelligently every variety of kitchen layout whether Island, Gallery, U-shaped, L-shaped, straight or G-shaped kitchen. If you are planning to buy a new furniture that makes a good kitchen, pay attention to these basic aspects in particular:

  • Containing Short distances,
  • Ergonomics and
  • Cleverly organized cabinet interiors

Enjoy the new kitchen convenience – with functional fittings from Hettich. Not only an Intelligent Kitchen but also, we are here to provide different Hettich furniture using German mechanism. With various innovations and never-ending new ideas, we have driven forward trends that help to shape the flexibility and multi-functionality of today’s furniture ideas. The company’s success has been built on four enduring values:

  • Quality,
  • Innovation,
  • Close cooperation with customers and
  • Absolute reliability.

Our innovation for furniture makes a valuable commitment to this. We will keep on being energetic about looking into it later on as well. Working on intelligent functions by collaborating with German Hettich and making world’s finest furniture comes true. We work to inspire our clients with our innovative ideas and our passion.

Some people look for a good-looking kitchen & furniture and some people want to make it good-looking. If you are thinking to make your kitchen and furniture beautiful fill free to get in touch with Legacy Classic Furniture.

Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture

The key to growth is rearranging the furniture! The term “Furniture” refers to portable objects designed to support various human activities. Everything is designed; few things are well designed with the help of Modular Furniture. Modular furniture is pre-made or ready-made furniture which can be used according to the commitment and area spacing. As consider to the limitation space apartment of flat, it is very applicable to save space and less expensive to compare to its utility.

Living Room Furniture's

Forget the traditional plans; replace them with the Modular Furniture, where it is the most comfortable and will look best! There are several benefits of it:

  • Space Saving
  • Flexibility
  • Business Innovation
  • Make business sense
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Future Enlargement/ Moving
  • Faster Manufacturing and Assembly.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works! Happiness is not by chance, but by choice. How about your choice in furniture designing? If you want to change the environment of your apartment, start off by removing your decrepit and fixed furniture from your area. Modular Furniture will help you to make your area well designed. It can enlarge the value of your investment over traditional heavy furniture. Traditional furniture is massive and occupies a ton of floor space. Modular wall systems use less initial building material and waste.

Study Room furniture's

Your apartment should be a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love! If you want to make your home or work-space well decorated and you are not aware Modular Furniture then CLICK HERE for to know about it with Legacy Classic Furniture.

Now it is our responsibility to make your office, home well decorated through the Legacy Classic Furniture.

Living Room furnitures

On the off chance that you are intrigued, at that point for request CLICK HERE for MORE!

furniture stores in Kathmandu

Minimal Design

Minimal design is Maximal business! Today the word “Minimal” often used to depict the wide range of points from art, to fashion, to architecture, to interior design, to a way of business. Interior design is a trust of business! Here, the term Minimal design illustrated in its most basic stripped of gratuitous elements, colors, shapes and textures. Its purpose is to make the content stand out and be the focal point. Great design is auspicious and audacious!

Minimal Design Furniture

Every day is a journey and the journey itself is about design .On the off chance that you need to make your business venture better, you should know about it. If you are worried about how it works, don’t worry, Legacy Classic Furniture have each arrangement of your concern. Minimal design not only looks great, but also has several benefits. First, an accessible, clean space is known to increase our happiness and health. Next Streamlined furniture gives you more space, even in the smallest areas. Finally, less of everything means more money in your pocket.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility, so make your business premises increasingly attractive and qualitative. It has for some time been trendy, yet it’s gotten considerably more so as of late. So, it’s famous on the grounds that it works so well, and it has numerous advantages, particularly with regards to furniture plan. There are a few focal points of it:

  • Less clutter
  • Spaciousness
  • Less complex furniture
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Less cost in renovation

Work for money design for adoration! CLICK HERE for Best Minimal design Furniture.

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