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Feng shui is derived from the Chinese term meaning “feng” as in wind and “shui” as in water. The concept actually comes from the tale of human life and its connection to the elements surrounding it in the environment they live in. In terms of Asian culture, it connects with “tao” (way of living) while following the conducts of Taoism (following the principles that directly shows a reflection on nature).
Having a perfect balance and the flow of energy to make an optimum living space is something we all go for. Attaining harmony, prosperity, health, and wealth from our environment is what feng shui is all about.

Among the principles followed by feng shui, the ones that are very important are: the commanding position, the five elements, and the ‘bagua’ map.

The commanding position

Talks about feng shui can never end without mentioning the command position. Placing the essential furniture according to the right command position is the best way of maintaining good feng shui at home. The bed, desk, and stove each is affiliated with the individual, career, and wealth respectively. Making sure that one can see the door while near any of this furniture means you have avoided blocking the good feng shui at home.

commanding position - feng shui

The five elements

Comprised of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, these five elements balance out the ambiance in the room. Each of these elements has been connected to a different aspect of life.
The fire element brings recognition, the earth brings romance, metal brings being artful, traveling luck, and water brings fortune for a career while wood beings well-being and success financially.
For these elements to bring in their corresponding luck, having at least one of these items be it fire or electronics, earthen pot ware, shiny and accents of metal, crystal, and water-centric arts or indoor plants or flowers is recommended. These key items can easily help keep in check the feng shui.
Depending upon the elemental effect you require, you can add more of that color in your space. The color associations with the elements are:
Earth – Yellow, orange, and brown (tones)
Metal – White, gray, shades of white and metallic color
Water – Black or darker shade of blue
Wood – Teal
Fire – Red

natural elements

The bagua map

The energy map for feng shui that blends in with your floor plans is the bagua map. The term “bagua” refers to eight in Chinese terminology that represents the eight aspects of life. Each aspect ranges from family, children, health, career, wealth, supportive people, fame, knowledge, and partnership. Among the eight principles, tips that bring in wealth, prosperity, and harmony in the family are:

bagua map - feng shui

1. The feng shui trinity

Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, these three spaces need to be looked after because the feng shui trinities are closely related to the well- being of the owner. For balanced internal energy flow, managing these spaces is very crucial.

commanding position feng shui


2. Keep your entry passage open

Placing a lot of things right behind your front door can block the proper flow of air in the home. Keeping your coats and shoe racks away from the front door can help you clear out the energy that gets blocked out. It is best to choose the decluttering trick to ensure a spacious and perfect living space. Using red paint at your door drives in good energy and opportunity at your home.

front door

3. Bring in an aquarium at your home

Consider the best décor as well as money-attracting item, an aquarium placed at either the north or southeast side of the room can get your house away from financial burden. Placing eight red fishes and one blackfish in your aquarium draws positive energy from the surroundings aiding to give your home good luck.

feng shui- aquariam

4. Proper ventilation and lighting

No matter the space, having proper ventilation and lighting is a must. Ventilation solves all matters related to airflow while the lighting further supports attracting good feng shui. Mirror placement in a way that it reflects the light further or focuses on an artistic piece of work and a good corner of the room can also make proper lighting more attainable.

acrylic kitchen

5. Decorate your room with plants

Plants are best known to aid in good airflow and purifying the air around. Placing plants for decorative purposes can serve as both a beauty enhancer as well as a positive energy supplier at home. English ivy, money tree, jade plants, peace lily, snake plant, spiral plants are some plant species that can purify the air and bring in prosperity at home.

plants - feng shui

6. Dinning setup

Dinning space not only requires decluttering but also keeping things that have a relevant symbol to attract good health and prosperity. The placement of the dining table shouldn’t be right in front of the door. The best way to bring in wealth in the house is to place a mirror in your dining space while avoiding placing it in your bedroom. Also, rather than an empty dining table, placing fruits shows a sign of goodwill. In the case of fruits, oranges are considered the source of good luck and uplift the positive vibes in your home.

dining setup

7. Décor your space

As crystals belong to the category of water element in terms of feng shui, decorating your home space or placing decorative items inlaid with citrine crystal can promote good feng shui at home. It also neutralizes the energies from the electrical devices which is the main reason for placing crystal decoration at home is its effect of creating a calmness around the room. Also, diagonally placing a three-legged golden frog or an elephant carrying money also helps attract money and good luck at home. Other décor items that serve the same purpose are Three golden owls, horses with coins, evil eye trees, and so on.

decor - feng shui

8. Keep it clean

One of the easiest tricks of having good feng shui at home is making sure all your spaces are clean. A messy place often affects the working efficiency causing further stress in the compact schedule of people. Keeping it clean not only organizes your space but also helps in making the place look brighter.Sofa

A touch of elegance mixed with a balance of prosperity with simple actions, you can easily enhance wealth, prosperity and harmony in the lives of you and your family. At a glance the word might give a sense of vagueness but in reality, maintaining good feng shui that brings in wealth and harmony at home is an easy job if you stick to a few details.

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