Are you confused when it comes to selecting the perfect furniture to decorate your living room? Does the excessive amount of choices leave you with more failures rather than giving you the freedom of decorating your space as you want? Legacy is here to solve your confusion and help you decide the best.

Here are our top 5 picks to help you achieve the modular living room of your dreams.

1. Multiple storage TV units

With the size of 10ft by 7ft, this storage unit will become the center of attraction in your living room. We all know that TV units and multiple storage TV units are essential furniture pieces for every home. Along with a great interior, this fine furniture is perfect for family entertainment time.

2. Stylish Origami Coffee Table

Our origami tables are the perfect furniture you need in your living room to give you the extra edge for the perfect aesthetic feel. With the stylish touch along with a German quality finish, this coffee table will lighten up your space. Legacy furniture aims to give our clients the ability to configure their coffee table choosing from a range of different materials and colored finishes.

3. Slide glass door wardrobe

Does your living room need a little push on sophistication and elegance? If your answer is “Yes”, then our “Slide Glass Door Wardrobe” is the one for you. With the dimension of 7ft by 7ft, this multifunctional furniture has a huge advantage in that they don’t stick out when you open the glasses. This modern wardrobe will surely add space and style to rooms in your home.

4. Vanachai HDF Parquets

Parquets not only add slickness to your floor but provide healthier air quality and gives you the aesthetic look you’ve always wanted. Our Vanachai Parquets are water-resistant HDF are imported directly from Thailand which ensures the highest quality and definition. The parquets have 10 years warranty and come in Maple, Walnut, and White color ranges.

It adds an amazing touch to your home as well as guarantees years of durability and is worth every rupee you spend.

5. Chest of Drawers

The Chest of Drawers is one of the most needed pieces of furniture you should have in your living room. This furniture has multiple parallel horizontal drawers stacked one above another. The drawers are made from Pre laminated Particleboard (Indian), which ensures high quality and utilization of your space.

The furniture comes in 3ft 3inches by 2ft 8inches by 1ft 8inches dimension and in two attractive colors; maple and walnut.

With Legacy Furniture, enhance your space and take your interior design game to the next level and become the best with modular furniture.

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