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We are a modular furniture store aiming to make a difference!

Are you hesitant to buy the modular furniture products because of all those myths and rumors that prevails regarding it?

While the modular concept of furniture has been trending in the field of furniture, misconceptions and myths regarding it also exists and come along way with it.

We’re here to debunk all the age-old myths on Modular factory-made furniture. Let’s straighten out the facts right now

Myth 1- Modular furniture is costly and for elite class

modular furniture store

This type of furniture is costly and only meant for elite class, but this is a misconception. As, you can also install this kind of furniture at an affordable price and place with proper research.

Modular furniture will help you to fulfill your requirements so you need to believe the truths behind the myths so that you can also be part of the emerging trends. 

Myth 2- If You’re Buying Modular, Only Plywood Makes Sense

Plywood VS PVC

Plywood is the only choice for most traditional-minded people. It’s been around for many years now and has gained an excellent reputation. However, newer materials like MDF and pre-laminated boards can also easily hold their own against plywood in the strength department. Rest assured that reputed modular furniture store use only heavy density particle boards and MDF that is durable, sturdy and also eco-friendly.

Myth 3- Modular Furniture Is Not Strong and Durable

modular furniture store

Most people tend to compare teakwood furniture and MDF /Particle board made furniture because of its durability and strength. If your new modern furniture is not installed properly then you may find a problem. If your carpenter uses the wrong screws to put your cabinets up on the wall, they are going to come out sooner rather than later.

The solution? Give the responsibility for the installation to an expert team of Legacy. Rest assured, your furniture will last a good many years!

Myth 4- Cannot be customized once installed or dismantled

modular furniture store

Many clients want to relocate their furniture easily without any hassle, this is a tough and frustrating task to do with standard size furniture. The module which needs to modify or customized can be done without dismantling the entire furniture. Thus, it can be done with the updated accessories as when required with proper comfort with less time.

Myth 5- Place for growing insects and cockroaches

modular furniture store

The exterior side walls of our house structure provide a very attractive array of nooks and crannies for these insects to sneak into. The problem is that these nooks and crannies often lead into the interiors of our human dwellings. No matter what kind of furniture you buy, in any dark corner of your house you will get these insects if not cleaned properly. This type of space should not be considered to install such important furniture.

However materials like particleboard/MDF  is completely dry that makes the furniture termites free for a life time. 

Myth 6- Modular Furniture is imported

modular furniture store

In our society there is misconception regarding imported furniture, which is imported furniture is costly and quality compromised, but these are all rumors in fact these furniture are made in Nepal and use German hardware up to 10 years warranty without compromising in quality, durability and has life span over 20 years. Modular furniture store selling furniture made in Nepal!

Myth 7- Suppliers do not give proper service support

modular furniture store

We need to understand that the carpenter cannot provide you an instant service once you call them. But for professional modular furniture stores, manufacturers can provide you instant technical support as well as after-sales services because they considered being a service-based industry as well. Legacy provides professional staff who regularly look after these queries with several brands for all kinds of situations and hassle-free.

Myth 8-  Modular Furniture are Chinese and use Inferior Quality

Chinese VS Legacy

There are people and sayings that “modular furniture store are Chinese made and material used to manufacture the furniture are of inferior quality”. But the truth is, all modular furniture which are available at Legacy furniture are in fact proudly made in Nepal and use high tech hardware from global market leaders like Hettich which come along with up to 10 years warranty.

Myth 9- Modular Furniture is not sustainable and environmental friendly


The excessive demand of wooden items has been one the greatest reason for the deforestation. Since availability of the solid wood has been shrinking it has inflated the price for the wood. Modular furniture is made of manmade materials like MDF, HDF, Particle boards etc. These are extracted from the agricultural products. The woods are grown in such a way that the natural forest is protected while we meet the human furniture needs. We can say modular furniture is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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