­­5 Reasons Why Modular Furniture is Perfect for Small Spaces

Modular furniture presents an excellent solution for small living spaces, whether it be a cozy apartment, a studio, or a compact house with limited footage. In today’s context, the demand for contemporary and functional living areas has surged, prompting the rise of modular furniture as the one solution; modular furniture has emerged as the ideal solution, offering a multitude of advantages tailored to fit compact living spaces. What sets modular furniture apart is its distinctive design, comprising separate modular pieces that seamlessly come together to form a cohesive and polished interior. This approach provides boundless possibilities for comfort, style, and safety, as these individual pieces can be arranged in numerous creative ways to cater to specific needs. Here are five reasons why modular furniture is perfect for small spaces:

Flexibility: The flexibility of modular furniture is one of its most significant advantages when it comes to furnishing small spaces; as modular furniture is designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing you to customize and configure according to your needs. As the components of the furniture are compact and lightweight, that makes it easy to move and reconfigure as needed. This portability is particularly beneficial for renters who may need to move frequently. Instead of investing in new furniture for each new space, modular pieces can be adapted to fit different layouts and living arrangements. When needed the furniture can be customized into different configurations; with the use of high-quality hinges and hardware, independent shelving units and different storage cabinets; the modular pieces can be combined and stacked or separated to fit the available space perfectly. This level of adaptability allows you to create unique layouts that fir your space and maximize the functionality of small spaces.

So even if you are limited with a smaller living space, creative solutions can be applied to fit your specific needs. These features are absent when it comes to traditional furnishings that are usually designed in a rigid way, making them hard to rearrange or disassemble. Essentially the flexibility of modular furniture helps cope with your ever changing needs in today’s context; and this is one of the key reasons why most people today choose modular furnishing over traditional and rigid designs.

Space Saving: In limited spaces, every square inch matters and modular furnishing excels at space utilization, making the most out of the available space. With compact designs and built-in storage options, modular furniture is a space-saving marvel and it can be arranged based on the specific activities such as entertaining guests or creating a mindful workspace. This means you can make the most of every inch of your small space, without sacrificing functionality or style. In compact apartments or studios, where space is at a premium, modular furniture proves to be a game-changer.By selecting the right pieces and configurations, you can create a clean, clear and clutter-free environment that promotes a sense of openness and spaciousness.

Additionally, the flexibility of modular furniture obviously enables effortless rearrangements to accommodate changing requirements or to suit specific activities. So, whether it’s a tiny apartment or a compact studio, modular furniture proves to be a smart choice for anyone looking to make the most out of their limited space.

Customization: With modular furniture, you can often customize the pieces to fit your specific needs. Modular furniture pieces are designed to be versatile and can be arranged in various configurations; for example, you might choose a modular sofa that can be configured in different ways, or a modular shelving system and storage cabinets that can be adjusted to fit your functionality and available space.

Every space serves a purpose and modular furniture aims to effectively create utility for your space at any time that you feel you need a change in layout. The multifunctionality of different components of modular furniture offers a great deal of freedom catered to fit your lifestyle, making your life easier and more practical every time; by integrating multiple functionality into a single piece of furniture, efficiently utilizing limited space without sacrificing overall usability. This is the beauty of modular design, as it is built to create and enhance practicality in your space.

Easy to move: Moving furniture is always a hassle and also small spaces often require frequent reconfigurations to accommodate different activities or to create a sense of novelty. The solution is modular furniture as it is lightweight and easy to move enabling you to rearrange living areas effortlessly; it is perfect for small spaces that require frequent rearrangements.

So, you can easily move your modular pieces around to create new layouts or to accommodate guests when needed. This adaptability allows for seasonal changes, facilitating a refreshed and inviting environment throughout the year. A modular setup is also effective for rental apartments that require you to move into completely new locations, and you can utilize the flexibility of modular furniture to adjust to any new surroundings.

Stylish design: Finally, modular furniture is available in a wide range of styles and designs, so you can find pieces that fit your aesthetic preferences. From sleek and modern to classic and traditional, there’s a modular furniture option to suit any taste.

A properly utilized space can help create a homely environment that can spread positivity to your living and modular furnishing aims to do exactly that. Whether you’re looking to optimize a limited area or seeking versatility in your furnishings, modular furniture proves to be an ideal choice. Its adaptability allows homeowners to create personalized configurations that maximize space utilization while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.The ever-changing needs of modern living can be effortlessly met with modular furniture, as it allows for easy customization and expansion as required.

Moreover, this type of furniture is a practical option for those living in rental spaces, as it can be disassembled and reassembled with ease during relocations.

Legacy and Home Furniture

Home furniture is a very important part of your home. Apart from providing comfort and utility, they can do a lot in enhancing the appearance and functionality of your abode. When you buy furniture, you have a chance to define your tastes, likes, and dislikes. In the long run, you will be able to express your personality through the selection of your furniture.

bedroom set furniture

Furniture can be the best investment in the home. If you’re looking to revamp your home with furniture, then it is a good idea to purchase high-quality items that are made from wood materials and will last for a considerable amount of time. However, shopping for furniture can be complicated if you aren’t knowledgeable about pricing and style. The wide range of available products and styles can make selecting a sort of furniture difficult for anyone to do. 

Wardrobe set

To ensure you have more knowledge of home furniture, here is the list of types of home furniture:

Traditional Furniture:

Traditional furniture is furniture with designs that overlap. Furniture built using this type of design is favored amongst designers because of how ornate the varnishing and carvings are. If you have a creative mind, chances are you will enjoy this furniture style as well.

Traditional furniture is a type of furniture commonly used in traditional homes and buildings. This style of furniture is normally made out of dark wood, with distinct designs and ornate carvings.

Traditional furniture set

Modern Furniture:

The modern furniture style usually comes with metal or carbon frames. The straight-edged designs are simple and have a smooth layout. Straight lines with minimal details, as well as contrasting stark colors, characterize modern furniture. Furthermore, the materials used to create modern furniture differ greatly from those used to create traditional furniture throughout the ages. Plastic and metals are widely used, and popular colors in mix and match formats include white, black, and red.

modern furniture set

Modular Furniture:

Modular furniture is a set of furniture items, that can be tailored so that they fit your requirements. The concept does not require you to buy all the items of furniture you need at a time. Rather, it allows you to buy only as many products as needed, which ensures a great saving on money. Modular furniture is gaining popularity for the many benefits it offers to its users. In today’s world, more and more people are opting for modular furniture. These products are also ideal for small houses, shops, and businesses, they offer a wide range of products that can be tailored to meet specific requirements of a customer.

modular wardrobe

Space can be a big problem for many people. Whether you have a family, entertain frequently, or just need an extra room to work in, space is difficult to come by these days. The good news is that modular furniture exists. Modular furniture allows you to mix and match pieces of furniture and design your own living space. This can save up some money because it’s not necessary to buy everything at once. Modular furniture also happens to be more environmentally friendly than traditional furniture.

modular kitchen

At Legacy, we have been on a quest to be one of the best furniture stores in Kathmandu. We want our products to speak for themselves and delight you every time you use them. That is why we work overtime to come up with the best designs that will fit in your home and convince you every time before deciding on a purchase.


Moving Heavy Furniture | A Simple Guide

Moving into a new place can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to figure out how to furnish your new home, but you also have to figure out how to get everything into it. Fortunately, moving can be a fun experience as long as you prepare accordingly. Also, it’s going to be a lot harder if you don’t have the right tools on hand.

Moving heavy furniture is never easy, but it’s going to be much more difficult if you don’t have the right tips and tricks under your belt. Whether you are moving locally or moving to another city, furniture is probably one of the most expensive and complicated items to pack. Furniture needs to be protected due to its huge size. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that will show you how to move heavy furniture with ease. Follow these tips to ensure your furniture arrives in your new home in good shape.

Inventory checklist

Make a list of everything you own, including the types of furniture and electronics, and take pictures of your setup. It will become easier to move when you have this information handy. After you have completed your setup in a new location, you can review the checklist. This way you can check if your furniture or items have been missing.

Floor Plan

Measure the large furniture pieces in your current home to see if they will fit through the doors and into your new home. When it comes to arranging your furniture in your new home, floor plans are valuable. The furniture or items must align with the floor plan of the new location. 


You should have a thorough inspection of all your furniture prior to the packaging and after the completion of setup. You can take help from your friends or family to make the task easier. If there are damages to certain furniture, you can update it in the checklist.

Professionally Clean

Before packing and moving, clean your drapes and furniture. During the moving process, dust and debris may scratch hard surfaces. The packaging material must be durable and of high quality in order to protect the items.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an excellent choice for wrapping your furniture. Furniture legs should be wrapped in bubble wrap or removed. Wrap shields your items and valuables from damage. It’s relatively a better option to include a thicker bubble wrap for ensuring better safety.


Some furniture can be bigger to go through the door and must be disassembled. You may need to remove the legs from tables or manually remove bed frames. So, modular furniture can be a way to limit such hassles. Modular furniture can be easily disassembled without any prior experience but, you can also hire someone for it.


Delicates and fragile items may need extra care during moving. For extra safety and precaution, you should crate Mirrors, artworks, and other items. The crates are usually durable and can withstand shocks during transportation.

Moving should be convenient and hassle-free. Hence, to minimize the overall effort and stress, modular furniture can be a better option. Since modular furniture can be customized according to requirements and the sizes of the partitions can be changed according to your needs. Modular furniture is easy to move around since the entire structure is lightweight and convenient.

Legacy and BYD

Legacy has proven to be an ideal furniture partner for Cimex (BYD). Legacy has given the organization Nepalese-made German-quality modular office setups, among other things, in recent years.

Cimex is the authorized distributor for BYD Products in Nepal. The company has been supplying electric automobiles and promoting e-mobility in Nepal. CIMEX, as a firm, has always stood for making positive changes in people’s lives in various ways.

Legacy is a furniture store that offers Elegance, Quality, and Style in one place. We are dedicated to providing the latest in modular and modern furnishing solutions to the youth of today who want elegance and style. Our furniture is elegantly designed with a simplistic touch and inspired by the urban lifestyle.

Today, modular furniture is one of the best types of office furniture that one can have. It is multi-functional furniture that does not require any manual fixing or adjustment. This type of furniture has been accepted by millions of workplaces across the world due to its ability to be rearranged and its flexibility.

Modular office furniture adapts to your ever changing needs and is ideal for organizations with employees who share work-stations. It is made of durable materials with a stylish design, making it perfect for organizations of any kind.

“Modular furniture by Legacy has completely surpassed our expectations. Legacy Furniture is a unique blend of creativity, persistence, and professionalism to deliver satisfactory services and quality products. From concept to magnitude I was grateful to witness their willingness to understand my requirements, their ability to design the renders that I was imagining, and their keenness to keep me updated with regular visits for product customizations, ensuring quality and timely delivery.”

Anup Basnet, CEO of Cimex Inc (BYD)

We are appreciative to have the opportunity to work together, and we hope this is just the beginning of a lasting bond. 

Thank you BYD and the whole team for considering us. 

Furnishing Options for Your Home with Legacy

Every home needs its own set of furniture. It can be as small as a chair or a table or a daraj or even as big as kitchen designs and house designs. This can be trendy or exclusive depending upon the choice and budget of the buyer. The living area should have comfortable furniture which includes items like sofas, darajs, chairs etc. while in bedrooms there should be cozy beds, dressing tables and wardrobes etc. Every household is different and hence the furniture too differs according to the needs of the families.

With Legacy, you can furnish your home with the best suited furniture for different rooms. We have a wide selection of products varying from pieces to complete sets.

You do not actually have to live in a mansion to have the look of one. With Legacy’s furniture, you can make your home appear the way you want it to – big and spacious. Adding in their furniture will surely give your home a boost. From their dining tables to their living room sets, Legacy Furniture is just right for every room in your house.

Here are some recommendations from Legacy for different parts of your home:

Living Room Furnishing

Your living room is the focal point of your home. It reflects who you are and should be both practical and beautiful. Some of the basics you need in your living rooms are:

  • Sofas
  • Couches
  • Wardrobe
  • Tables
  • Cabinet / shelves
  • Tv cabinet

Dining Room Furnishing

Your dining room deserves the best and most efficient furniture. Let us help you choose from our wide range of furniture that includes a dining table, chairs, sideboard, cupboard and cabinets. Choose anything as per your taste, color and budget. These are some of the items that form a part of your dining room.

Some necessities of any kitchen are:

  • Dinning Set
  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen Island
  • Appliance Racks

Bedroom Furnishing

When it comes to bedroom furniture, there’s a lot of options and not a lot of rules. There’s nothing stopping you from mixing and matching or even investing in handmade pieces such as a sculptural chair or a stunning dresser, but if you’re looking for something unifying for your room, this guide will help.

Some must haves furnishing options for your bedroom are:

  • Bed
  • Nightstands
  • Dressing Table
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Sofa
  • Wardrobe

With so many different types of furniture all in one store, Legacy is the best place to find what you need at a reasonable price. Let Legacy take care of you and your home today.

Legacy and Smartpalika

Legacy has been considered by SmartPalika for its furnishing solution since 2019. 

Smartpalika has a simple setup with attractive and modular furniture from Legacy. They have sufficient work desks and cabinets for organizing files and folders. Legacy has helped in the interior decoration of the company and made it look exquisite.

modular furniture setup at smartpalika

Smartpalika is a company established to research, develop and transfer innovative technologies to the local government entity. With the idea “change should happen from ground level”, Smartpalika has already impacted more than 111 local governments. Smartpalika’s vision is to level up Nepal with the global development in data and technology.

The company has a simple setup and the SmartPalika needs interactive sessions, which has been solved by Legacy with its furniture. The simple and sleek designed furniture has boosted the team’s productivity and morale.

smartpalika office

Legacy has been in the modularized evolution with customizable and space-saving furniture. The set of furniture in any workspace should be flexible and easily movable, which modular has an added advantage. Modular furniture is sustainable and eco-friendly and can be set up accordingly. 

Words from Smartpalika

“Modular furniture has fully adapted to Smartpalika’s changing needs of the space because of its customizable and flexible features. The Smartpalika team has greatly acknowledged the efficient and eco-friendly furniture from Legacy. We appreciate the novelty that Legacy brings to our office and we hope this relationship continues for years to come ”


We are honored to be a part of such an impactful company. We look forward to working with them again in the upcoming days.

Top Designs for Wardrobe in Nepal

Top Designs for Wardrobe in Nepal

The wardrobe is a piece of furniture that provides the user with ample space to store all of their belongings. It should be specifically designed for home use as it is not just a closet or cupboard, but a place where you can keep your day-to-day essentials easily accessible in an organized manner.

Buying a wardrobe isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are factors to consider and the process is different for everyone. The factors to consider when buying a wardrobe greatly depend on your lifestyle or personal preference. Whilst some people have a variety of clothing they would like to store, others only need space for their current clothing options.

Here is the list of designs you might want to consider before buying a wardrobe.

Slide Fold Wardrobe

The slide fold Wardrobe is a modern design that can make your room more stylish and spacious. The modular design will give you access to the cabinet with a push/pull opening mechanism. The foldable doors make them fit into any space not just limited to bedrooms. The wardrobe is applicable for the office space for organizing files and confidential documents. The sleek and stylish design requires less space making the room organized and systematic.

Slide Fold Wardrobe

Color: Bavarian Beech, Walnut, Maple
Size: 6ft 6inches * 4ft
Material: Pre laminated Particle board (Indian)

Slide glass door wardrobe

The wardrobe is designed to provide style and comfort to your home. The modular design is pleasing to the eye and allows to make more use of the floor space. The glass door gives the wardrobe a modern and premium look, gracefully more pleasing to the eye than traditional wardrobes. The major benefit of this design is the maximum storage capacity for your clothes and accessories. This wardrobe does not require huge space which will enable you to utilize your space more.

Slide glass door wardrobe


Color: Bavarian Beech, Walnut, Maple
Size: 7ft *7ft

Three Door Wardrobe

The wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture for your closet or bedroom. This wardrobe provides a classy appearance with no compromising on functionality. The dedicated compartments let you organize numerous items and clothes. The three door wardrobe is comparatively huge and would require bigger space in a specific room.

three door wardrobe

Color: Walnut, Maple
Size: 6ft 6inches * 4ft
Material: Pre laminated Particle board(Indian)

Multi Purpose Shelf

The shelf helps to showcase some valuable items or accessories. It also lets you organize your items and important belongings at the place. The piece of furniture enhances your space for interior design. It can be customized according to your preferences as displaying the items, you can also add a hidden storage cabinet. Shelves can hold a variety of things, which are easily accessible. It is known for its function, design, and organization.multi purpose shelf

Color: Maple, Walnut
Size: 4ft*3ft

Wardrobes can be an important factor for interior design. It enhances the atmosphere of the room and makes it more systematic. The wardrobe designs are mostly customizable and can be fitted accordingly. Before opting for a specific wardrobe the intention of the furniture must be set. At Legacy, we provide free consultation for your furniture design needs and requirements.

Legacy and Cellapp

Legacy has been the furniture provider and designer for Cellapp since the year 2020.

Cellapp Pvt. Ltd. is a Tech Innovation company based in Thapathali Kathmandu, which develops and delivers accelerating technology to organizations and businesses. Their expert team has 11+ years of experience in the global information industry and aims to bring disruption with technology and data.

The company has a beautiful office with a modern look and feel. The interior design has been attractively decorated with modular furniture by Legacy.

When we first communicated with the company, they were very considerate about the comfort and productivity of their employees and wanted to give them a work environment where they could work productively. With further discussions and a mutual agreement, with Legacy Furniture, Cellapp’s journey of modularization began.

The legacy team has been successful to turn Cellapp into a modular furnishing hub and setting an example for other similar companies.

A modular office is a set of furniture that can be designed and customized to fit the needs of your office and company. When your office grows and expands, this furniture can be added and altered as needed. This furniture is sustainable, eco-friendly, and produces low wastage. Modular furniture is not only compatible but gives your space the much-needed transformation and elegance.

Words from Cellapp

We have established a great partnership with Legacy Furniture Pvt. Ltd in the last few years and are very satisfied with their dedication and timely service. We admire their attention to details with their products and appreciate their effort on bringing something new to the market.

Manoj Bhattarai (CEO)

modular furniture
Work space modular furniture

Modular office furniture is gaining popularity among many Nepalese companies but only few are adapting to the change. Cellapp has been an active client of Legacy Furniture for a long time. We are very thankful for the opportunity and hope this relationship strengthens with time.

Legacy’s Top 5 Picks for Your Modular Living Room

Are you confused when it comes to selecting the perfect furniture to decorate your living room? Does the excessive amount of choices leave you with more failures rather than giving you the freedom of decorating your space as you want? Legacy is here to solve your confusion and help you decide the best.

Here are our top 5 picks to help you achieve the modular living room of your dreams.

1. Multiple storage TV units

With the size of 10ft by 7ft, this storage unit will become the center of attraction in your living room. We all know that TV units and multiple storage TV units are essential furniture pieces for every home. Along with a great interior, this fine furniture is perfect for family entertainment time.

2. Stylish Origami Coffee Table

Our origami tables are the perfect furniture you need in your living room to give you the extra edge for the perfect aesthetic feel. With the stylish touch along with a German quality finish, this coffee table will lighten up your space. Legacy furniture aims to give our clients the ability to configure their coffee table choosing from a range of different materials and colored finishes.

3. Slide glass door wardrobe

Does your living room need a little push on sophistication and elegance? If your answer is “Yes”, then our “Slide Glass Door Wardrobe” is the one for you. With the dimension of 7ft by 7ft, this multifunctional furniture has a huge advantage in that they don’t stick out when you open the glasses. This modern wardrobe will surely add space and style to rooms in your home.

4. Vanachai HDF Parquets

Parquets not only add slickness to your floor but provide healthier air quality and gives you the aesthetic look you’ve always wanted. Our Vanachai Parquets are water-resistant HDF are imported directly from Thailand which ensures the highest quality and definition. The parquets have 10 years warranty and come in Maple, Walnut, and White color ranges.

It adds an amazing touch to your home as well as guarantees years of durability and is worth every rupee you spend.

5. Chest of Drawers

The Chest of Drawers is one of the most needed pieces of furniture you should have in your living room. This furniture has multiple parallel horizontal drawers stacked one above another. The drawers are made from Pre laminated Particleboard (Indian), which ensures high quality and utilization of your space.

The furniture comes in 3ft 3inches by 2ft 8inches by 1ft 8inches dimension and in two attractive colors; maple and walnut.

With Legacy Furniture, enhance your space and take your interior design game to the next level and become the best with modular furniture.

Legacy and Nepal Telecom

Legacy has been the furniture partner for Nepal Telecom (Branches: Babarmahal, Chhauni, Sundhara) for the last decade with the mutual understanding of both parties. In the last few years, Legacy has provided the organization with Nepal made German quality modular office setups and many more.

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited, widely known as Nepal Telecom, is a state-owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal that has been providing its services for almost two decades.

With great service, NTC aims to create a productive environment for its employees. With this in mind, they chose Legacy for our Nepal made German-quality modular furniture. As we provide wide range of efficient, modern and cost effective furniture with accordance to their needs and requirements.

Modular furniture is known for its flexibility, efficiency, budget-friendliness, and customization options worldwide. Millions of workplaces worldwide are opting towards this multifunctional furniture. Similarly, Nepal telecom has been opting for the same. Modular furniture offers privacy at its best in case of offices as well as give the employees their own space without the need of getting permanent walls constructed. This not only saves construction time, money, and hazards but also creates an environment full of productivity.

Modular furnishing not only enhances an office’s productivity but also allows you to utilize your space to the best of its capabilities.

Nepal Telecom has adapted to modular furnishing for better workplace efficiency and is one of the very few who know how efficient modular offices can be.

Legacy is proud to be the furniture partner for Nepal Telecom (Babarmahal, Chhauni, Sundhara).

Words from Nepal Telecom:

“When it comes to furniture, the ability to understand the client’s perception and the enthusiasm to create it satisfactorily is an art that encompasses patience, respect to the needs of the others and the zeal to deliver, Legacy Furniture PVT. Ltd. rendered their services in such exceptional manner with quality products, a decent workforce and timely services that I was pleased to see my requirements come alive exactly as I has imagined and planned. Hats off to their professional capabilities and dedication. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for any kind furniture works.”

Sushmita Sharma (Sr. Architect, Nepal Telecom Ltd.)

We are grateful for the opportunity we received to serve and modularize Nepal Telecom. We hope this connection stays strong as the years go by.

Thank you Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited for trusting Legacy Furniture.

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